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As Certified UAE Accountants we take care of your Bookkeeping and Accounting

We work autonomous and accurate so that:


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Do you recognize one of the following situations?

You are not 100% sure...

...how to comply with all the specific requirements in the UAE for accounting, bookkeeping, taxes or financial reporting. You like to have a certified accounting expert take care of that for you, so you avoid facing financial penalties and legal problems.

You want to focus on growing your business...

...instead of dealing with accounting and bookkeeping tasks. You need someone who you can trust to do your accounting accurate and timely, so you are always in control of your finances and in compliance with local laws.

You feel a bit stressed...

...because you have to take care of many things at the same time and have to somehow manage all the finances and cash flows of your company. You have to take business decisions but are sometimes not 100% sure if it is financially feasible at the moment.

You lack financial clarity and control...

... and don't know or understand all the relevant metrics, KPIs, and required reports. This makes it difficult for you to plan ahead. Should you hire someone or not? Can you spend more money on marketing or should you wait? Will the summer months be financially secured?


So let us handle your accounting and bookkeeping instead and enjoy the following...

Calm and secure feeling about the financial health of your business and about audits by local regulators

We work fast, reliable, and transparent so you don't have to worry about deadlines and are always in compliance with local laws. We provide you with financial reports that you understand.

Focus on running and growing your business

We handle your bookkeeping and accounting autonomously. We just need your confirmation for finished tasks from time to time. This frees up your time so you can focus on scaling your business.

Accurate and reliable data to strengthen and backup your decision making

Only if you know all your financials and can be certain that they are accurate you can take relevant decisions and plan ahead to grow. Feel in control and understand everything that is going on financially in your business. This will get rid of your stress and anxiety.


Why we might be the right accounting partner for you

Dear Business Owner,

My name is Adilet, and at the end of this letter, I have an offer for you.

We started as licensed legal experts with our main brand “Lawbridge”. But we received many requests asking: “Now that I am already working with you guys, can you also do accounting for us?” So we established Lawbridge – Accounting Services.

With our strong ties to UAE official institutions, we take over your accounting and bookkeeping timely, flawless, and with attention to detail, so you can focus on growing your business.

We support more than 463 clients from various nationalities, helping them streamline their financial processes and ensure compliance with local regulations.

We see business owners who initially try to manage their finances themselves or look for the cheapest option on the market. Then they wonder why they are constantly having trouble, time delays, stress, anxiety, errors in documents and six figure penalty fees they have to pay. 

You can avoid all of that headache before it happens!  

Just click on the button to receive your customized pricing. We will get in touch, ask a couple of clarification questions, and provide you with a cost estimate.

Sounds interesting?

Click now and hopefully talk soon! 

Our Accounting Team at our office in The Opus


What we cover for you to grow your business and feel calm and relaxed:


We record and update all your financial transactions accurately to save your time.

Payroll Management

We manage your company’s monthly payroll, including generating reports, gratuity calculations and pay slips.

Auditing Support

We support you in completing the auditing process for your financial year and ensure your records are fully compliant.

Account Reconciliation

We ensure that your general ledger is correct, up-to-date and balances so you never run into legal trouble.

Financial Reporting

We generate your financial reports to determine how your business is performing. Consisting of: Trial balance, Profit and loss statement, Balance sheet, Cash flow statement, general ledgers

Found what your need or not 100% sure?


What happens if you want to work with us?

Your Information

We need some information from you so that our accountants can  prepare your Free Consultation. Just click the button and fill in the short form.  

Free Consultation

Our expert will get in touch with you, discuss your questions and show you what the legal local requirements for your specific situation are. 


About - LawBridge Corporate

After you know what the requirements, what we can do for you and what the costs are, you can decide if you want to work with us or now. Thats up to you!


Frequently Asked Questions

We provide comprehensive accounting and bookkeeping solutions tailored for small to medium-sized businesses. Our services include financial reporting, payroll management, VAT and tax services, and compliance audits. We ensure that our services cater to both local businesses in the UAE and international businesses with a registered presence in the UAE.

We offer flexible and affordable pricing with monthly retainer packages to suit your unique business situation. Prices depend on the specific accounting and bookkeeping needs of your business. Each client engagement begins with a free initial consultation to assess specific requirements and provide a customized service plan. So feel free to go ahead and request your Free Consultation. 

Our team is proficient in local and international accounting standards and regulatory requirements. All accountants are certified and bring years of experience to ensure your business stays compliant with UAE laws, including VAT and financial reporting standards.

You receive dedicated support from an assigned account manager. Our support team is always available during regular working hours for online assistance and even after hours in urgent situations.

All our accountants are certified professionals with extensive experience in accounting, bookkeeping, and auditing. Their expertise is continually enhanced through ongoing training and certification to stay abreast of the latest industry standards and technologies.

Lawbridge ensures client confidentiality and data security through stringent measures. We use encryption for digital data, secure physical storage for documents, and restrict access to authorized personnel only. Our security practices are regularly updated to comply with UAE data protection laws and international standards.

To begin your journey with us, simply schedule a free consultation through our website. This session will help us understand your needs, answer your questions and explain how our services can help you grow your business. 

Our office is located in the Opus Dubai

Instead of endless searching and comparing - take action!

Stop comparing different offers, searching for more information, and clicking through different websites – at a certain point you have to take action. Just request your Free Consultation and talk to our dedicated accounting expert, who answers all your questions. You can then decide whether you want to work with us or not – that’s 100% up to you.