For successful professionals, entrepreneurs, and investors:

We provide you with long-term residency and financial benefits in the UAE with a Golden Visa

We organize the entire process until you receive your UAE Golden Visa. We ensure a seamless procedure so you get your visa fast and without you having to invest any of your time or nerves.


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What are the benefits of getting a UAE Golden Visa with us?


Stability and Peace of Mind

With a 5 or 10-year renewable residency, you won’t have to deal with the uncertainty and inconvenience of frequent visa renewals. This is valuable if you plan to settle down, raise a family, or establish a business in Dubai. We ensure you avoid pitfalls in your visa application.

Strategic Planning and Investment

Long-term residency allows you to plan for the future. Whether it's investing in property, setting up a business, or planning your family's education and healthcare, the certainty of your residency status is the foundation for these decisions. We take over the entire process until you receive your Golden visa. You can focus on you daily business.

Integration into the Community

The Golden Visa also allows you to fully integrate into the local community, culture, and lifestyle, forming lasting personal and professional relationships. We provide personalized guidance tailored to your specific situation, including advice on investment opportunities and how to maximize the benefits of your Golden Visa.

Our Story and Background

Dear Reader,

My name is Adilet, founder of Lawbridge Corporate Services at the end of this letter, I have something for you.

We started as governmentally licensed legal professionals but in recent years, received so many client requests in the area of corporate services that we established Lawbridge – Corporate. 

Due to our background, we have strong ties to the UAE government which enables us to deliver our services fast and efficient. 

We helped facilitate Golden Visas for more than 520 clients with different nationalities

We often see owners who want to try it on their own first or go with the cheapest option on the market.

Those options might save you money initially but you end up paying later, for missed legal deadlines, wrong visas, flawed business setup, taxes, and additionally with your time and nerves.

I want to save you this stress, so I have something for you: A Free Consultation with one of our experts.

First we check if you are eligible for a Golden visa. After that we contacted you, schedule a Free Consultation and answered all your questions, we give you guidance on if and how we can get you a Golden Visa fast. Does this sound interesting?

Then I am looking forward to speaking to you!

Our team in our office The Opus by OMNIYAT


How to Work With us

1. Your Information

We need some information from you, to check if you are eligible for a Golden Visa. Please understand that not everybody can obtain a Golden Visa.

2. Free Consultation

Our expert will get in touch with you, discuss your eligibility and clarifies questions and discuss potential problems you have. The expert will also develop a strategic plan for how to get to your goal efficiently and stress-free.

3. Implementation

About - LawBridge Corporate

You and our expert will develop a plan tailored to your needs. You can decide if you want us to implement this solution for you or not. 

Stop Searching and Take Action!

Stop comparing different offers, searching for more information, and clicking through different websites. Just book your Free Consultation. After that your can ask all your questions and talk to a dedicated expert. You can then decide whether to go ahead or not. That’s 100% up to you.