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We help you to set up and grow your business in the UAE so you can solely focus on what you are good at

Our services range from Business Setup, Tax Support and Bank Account Opening, to organizing your Golden Visa and handling your Accounting.


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Adilet M., Founder

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Our Segments

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Business Setup

We help you set up your business correctly and quickly in the UAE

Bank Account Opening

We help you to open up your private or business bank account here in the UAE

Golden Visa

We provide you with long-term residency and financial benefits in the UAE with a Golden Visa


As Certified UAE Accountants we take care of your Bookkeeping, Accounting, and Company Audits


What are the benefits for you with our Corporate Services?

Get customized advice and support

Your situation and needs are individual. We advise you and navigate you through the UAE bureaucracy jungle to find the optimal setup or services for you.

Save your time and money

Due to our strong government connections we can deliver your services fast, so you can get started without delays. By understanding your initial situation and goal first, we recommend services and steps that suit your needs.

No more stressful and frustrating situations

We communicate open, transparent, and regularly with you so you know the current progress and status all the time. You don't have to chase, you don't have to triple check, and you don't have to worry about wrongly conducted services.

No costly, legal consequences

We have UAE lawyers in our team who ensures no mistakes are made when setting up your business or organizing related services. This gives you peace of mind, as you will not face any legal or financial consequences due to incorrect setup or improperly conducted services. ​

About Us

About Lawbridge Corporate Services

Dear Reader,

My name is Adilet Midinov, founder of Lawbridge.

We started as legal professionals but in recent years, received many client requests for corporate services.

Since then we established businesses for more than 720 clients from more than 60 different industries. We handle all corporate-related matters, like VAT and corporate tax registration, bank account openings, (golden) entry permits, accounting services and others. But: 

Conducting those services can be tricky in the UAE. Often business owners are overpaying, waste their time, or end up with legal issues that result in major fines and stressful legal cases.

We often see owners who want to try it on their own first or go with the cheapest option on the market, however…

Those options might save you money initially but you end up paying later, for missed legal deadlines, a flawed business setup, taxes, and with your time and nerves.

So feel free to explore our business segments and get in touch with us! 

I am looking forward to speaking to you! 


Meet our Lawbridge Corporate team

Management team:

Adilet Midinov

Founder, Managing Director

Shawn Drury

Business Development Director

Bryan Alaurin

HR Officer

Muhammad Mohsin Siddiqui

Accounts Officer

Manuel De Guzman Jr.

Graphic Designer and Social Media Specialist

Executive team:

Anastasiia Novytska

Business Setup Advisor

Hilary Chiedza Bunu

Business Setup Advisor

Marilyn Mascarenhas

Senior Banking Executive

Olha Chornous

Operations Assistant

Erzhan Mukashov

Public Relations Officer

Joyce Ann Del Mundo

Receptionist and Admin Support

Case studies and client reviews​

Here is how we helped clients like you

Business Setup for Mr. Hoshana in 10 days
In just 10 days Mr. Hoshana successfully received: Trade License, Establishment card, Residence Permit, and Emirates ID. His company bank account was opened in just 3 weeks.

Initial Situation:
Mr. Hoshana planned to setup his business since March 2022. He hired and paid an agency to help him. After 1.5 months the license was still not issued which caused him major financial distress.

Implemented Solution:
Not being able to wait any longer he asked Lawbridge for a second opinion. We showed him an alternative route via a Freezone company which would cover all his needs. Mr. Hoshana agreed to the plan. He was able to start business activities within just 10 days.
Trade License and Establishment Card after 7 Days
In 7 working days, Ms. Neha received her Trade License and Establishment card and entry permit.

Initial Situation:
Ms. Neha, wanted to set up a business in line with her previous designation. She was uncertain about which license type to choose.

Implemented Solution:
Seeking clarity, Ms. Neha approached our office for a free consultation. We recommended her with the option of obtaining a trade or company license under the "Lifestyle Coaching" activity, perfectly matching her designation.
Entire Business Setup in 4 days
In 4 days, our client from Nigeria obtained his license, establishment card, and an investor entry permit.

Initial Situation:
Our client aimed to set up an online business to sell clothing, shoes, and other essentials. However, he was uncertain about the specific activity to choose and the best-suited freezone for his needs.

Implemented Solution:
We provided him with a tailored solution, issuing his license under the categories of Readymade Garments Trading, Textile Trading, and eCommerce. This allowed him to operate his online selling platform seamlessly.
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Our Process

How we work together with you

1. Your Information

We need some information from you, to understand your current situation and the goals you have in mind to see how we can help you best. Please understand that we can’t help everybody.

2. Free Consultation

Our expert will get in touch with you to clarify questions and discuss potential problems you have. The expert will also develop a strategic plan for how to get to your goal efficiently and stress-free.

3. Implementation

About - LawBridge Corporate

You and our expert will develop a solution tailored to your needs. You can decide if you want us to implement this solution for you or not.

Our Location

Our office in the Opus and team impressions


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