For private people and business owners:

We help you to open up your private or business bank account here in the UAE

We organize the entire process until your bank account if open and you can receive and send money conveniently. Even if you had problems before, we ensure a seamless procedure so you get your bank account fast and without you having to fill out endless forms or deal with incompetent people.

What are the benefits of opening up your bank account with us?


Customized bank account and banking services

Our expert advisors will guide you through the process, helping you choose the right bank and banking services that align with your financial goals, whether for personal wealth management or business financial solutions. We’ll assess your goals first to recommend a bank and account type that suits your needs.

Save Your Time and Nerves

Different banks, different offers, different services. Selecting the most suitable can be complex and time-consuming. With relationships with almost all UAE banks, we can open your account fast and reliable.

No More Stressful and Frustrating Situations

Perhaps you already tried to open up a bank account but you got rejected or something did not work properly? This is stressful and frustrating. We ensure a smooth and clear communication process, keeping you informed at every step. We manage the entire process to ensure that your account is set up correctly without any misunderstandings.

Why Select Lawbridge?

Dear Reader,

My name is Adilet Midinov, at the end of this letter, I have an invitation for you.

We started as governmentally licensed legal professionals but in recent years, received so many client requests in the area of corporate services that we established Lawbridge – Corporate Services

Due to our background, we have strong ties to the UAE banking sector which enables us to deliver our services fast and efficient. 

We helped open personal and business bank accounts for more than 784 clients with different nationalities

We often see people and business owners who want to try it on their own first or go with the cheapest option on the market.

Those options might save you money initially but you end up paying later, for rejections, flawed account setups, wrong accounts, and additionally with your time and nerves.

I want to save you this stress, so I have something for you: A Free Consulting Session with one of our banking experts.

After this session you will know what your options are, which banks you can chose and which banking services are useful and relevant for you.

After we contacted you and answered all your questions, we give you guidance on if and how we can support you in opening up your bank account fast. Does this sound interesting?

Then request to talk to me now!

Adilet M., Founder, Certified Business Consultant

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How working with us looks like:

1. Your Information

We need some information from you, to check if and how we can help you to open up your bank account. Please understand that we can’t help everybody. 

2. Free Expert Consultation

Our expert will get in touch with you, discuss your eligibility answer your questions. The expert will also develop a strategic plan for how to get your bank account efficiently and stress-free.

3. Implementation

About - LawBridge Corporate

After you talked to our expert and have no questions anymore, you can decide if you want us to implement the developed plan for you or not. 

Stop Searching and Take Action!

Stop comparing different offers, searching for more information, and clicking through different websites. Just talk to one of our experts. Its free. You can ask all your questions and can then decide whether to go ahead or not. That’s 100% up to you.