Company Formation in Dubai

We have solid experience in company formation, around the U.A.E., and in all kinds of business sectors. We assist clients in company formation across all Emirates, with the Departments of Economic Development (DED), free zones, and off-shore authorities. We also help clients in the liquidation of companies, bankruptcy, transferring shares, etc. We will choose the best legal form for your business based on commercial regulations in the UAE.

Company Formation in Dubai UAE

Get Started With Your Company Setup in Dubai

Your journey starts with choosing a trading name for your company and our team will reserve it for you with the concerned authorities of the UAE.

We will assist you with the right activities for your business and make sure that you will not be faced any legal mistakes further.

You should send us all details of the partners for your company to be appointed as shareholders, managers, and directors.

Our work is to guide you on which legal form of the company is the most suitable for you. It is according to Commercial Companies Law number 2 of 2015.

  1. Joint Liability Company.
  2. Limited Partnership Company.
  3. Limited Liability Company.
  4. Public Joint Stock Company.
  5. Private Joint Stock Company.

We will take care of entering the respective details of your license, this will include location details of applicable, capital amounts, number of shares, and company duration.

For some licenses, it requires initial approval to proceed. Initial approval certificates are also required to register an office (Ejari) for your business.

For some licenses, you will need to put location details. We are a team of lawyers who will assist you in the process of making (Ejari and signing a tenancy contract).

As a professional team, we will make a Memorandum of Association, services contracts, and civil contracts for signing by respective shareholders.

Once we receive all the relevant documents from the authorities, we will send them to you and follow the additional approvals if required.

These days, it is getting difficult to get a bank account opened due to the rules made by the Central Bank of the UAE. However, with us, you will never have a difficult time getting it done.

We will offer you annual legal support (in-house legal services) for your business. Our corporate lawyers will assist you during business operations and we will comply with your business with the regulations and the laws of the UAE.