For over 11 years, Christina Seguin has crafted a career intertwining diverse expertise that seamlessly converges to drive business success. Her leadership roles within UAE law firms instilled a foundation in strategic decision-making and team management, skills foundational to every aspect of her career.

Transitioning into marketing and digital marketing, Christina’s legal background offered a unique lens in understanding consumer behaviour and legal implications, enabling her to devise innovative strategies that not only enhanced brand recognition but also aligned seamlessly with legal frameworks.

In debt recovery management, her adaptive problem-solving skills, a core aspect of her legal and marketing background, were instrumental. Her strategic business development initiatives consistently fuelled organizational expansion, ensuring returns while adhering to legal and ethical standards.

Furthermore, her proficiency in events management, an arena where legal compliance, marketing prowess, and strategic acumen intersect, allows her to orchestrate impactful events that align with business objectives and brand positioning.

This seamless interweaving of experiences equips Christina Seguin with a multidimensional perspective, making her an invaluable asset in propelling companies toward sustainable growth and success.

Christina Gagar Seguin